20-21 July 15 2003
ISFP-T She/her
Mexican Ace/Heteroromantic

Interest β™₯
Mascotverse LMB and LMP Cookie run TMNT (1987 2003 and 2012)
The maked singer (Quien es la mascara) Furry Fandom Cosplays TADC Odisea Burbujas

Hoshi yunikon
Husky she/her
Gray/heteroromantic 20-21 (Formerly 15 years since 2018)
Empathic Sensual Friendly skilled and Braver
Couple: Pablo the wolf πŸ’˜

Don't interact me if you're:
Pr0shipper P3d0phile Z00phile Sexist (ral feminist) LGBT phobic
Hater traitor Hypocrite Onlyfans user l0l1con Sh0tacon racist NFT AI artist Anti furry groomer Minors of -18

My NG and my twitter (X) is +18 content
if you're a minor and hater DNI 🚫 also Don't report and hate me plz